Hello! I am a doctoral candidate and social scientist at Temple University.

I’m interested in finding relationships between people and and their environmental contexts (e.g., media) to promote social good. 

My current research involves exploring media influences of decision making using neuroimaging and biometric data at the Center for Applied Research in Decision Making through Fox Business School at Temple University. I  collaborate with multiple labs at Temple University between the Media and Communication, Psychology, and Marketing departments. I also teach undergraduate courses and love this aspect of connecting research and life experiences. Training future scientists is one of my favorite parts of the research field.

My past experience involves K-12 public school teaching, public relations work, and small-business marketing. I am looking to work with driven teams who believe in mentoring, quality research, and scientific discovery through a biological lens.

I’d love to hear from you if you have ideas for my line of research. Send me an e-mail at henninger.nicole@gmail.com or tweet @nickolene.