Current Projects

Investigating the Biological Mechanisms of Online Donation Behavior 

Since I started my doctoral program five years ago, I began thinking about the overarching theme of what makes people good. How can we get people to care about the general welfare of others? How can we help solve world problems we have resources to solve?

These are complicated questions, and this dissertation work is an attempt to begin thinking about this question more broadly.  I am hoping to dive deeper into the biological mechanisms of donation behavior, specifically, what types of online social posts cause people to act. This experimental design will employ eye-tracking, GSR, and heart rate to help understand the decision making process of donation behavior online.

Commentary on New Media, Technology, and Public Opinion

I also have a general curiosity about new technologies and public opinion. I have written papers about the affordances of reddit, the 2016 election, wearable technologies, and feminist practices.


Former Projects

The Role of Social Trust in Financial Decision Making through Aging

This project, spearheaded by the Neuroeconomics Lab at Temple University and funded by the Scientific Research Network on Decision Neuroscience and Aging, viewed the role of social trust on how people make financial decisions.