Media Interests

Please note: These are only some of my past interests and are not fully representative of my research area or experience. For additional inquiries, please contact me. 

Facebook and Social Change: Likelihood of Prosocial Behavior Based on Self-Efficacy and Exposure (2015)

Assessing Abilities of Globalization Framework for Social Change: Facebook News Feeds and Prosocial Behavior (2015)

Parasocial Interaction and Social Networking Sites: Exploring Parasocial Interaction in Disproportionally Represented Groups of People (2011, Co-Authored)

Are You As Smart As You Tweet?: Perceptions of Self and Others’ Global Awareness (2012, Co-Authored)

Copyright and User Generated Content: Current Laws and Issues (2012)

Google Online Marketing Challenge: Competition Submission (2012, Co-Authored)

Increasing College Students’ Use of Streaming Music Services: A Set of Recommendations to be Used by Pandora Media, Incorporated (2011, Co-Authored)

Presentation (2011): Effects of Stereotypical Portrayals of African-Americans on   Person Perception in juxtaposition with Priming Theory as explained by Thomas E. Ford, Social Psychology Quarterly, 1997 Vol. 60(3)

Opinion Editorial: Have Marshall McLuhan’s Predictions Come True? (2011)

Is the Telephone Dictating Our Lives? : Telephone, Its Characteristics, and Consequences (2011)

Advertising Commodities through Branding: American Eagle Outfitters and Employee Commodification (2010)

The Way that Societies of Control Make Meaning (2009)

Screen Animation: Critique of the Works of Jri Trnka, Jan Svankmajer, and Joanna Quinn (2009)



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